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Hallamore Corporations Heavy and Specialized Carrier Division is made up of some of the most sophisticated transporter units in the country. Our flagship S-32 Trail King has 400 ton of capacity with (16) axles that can change in width from 13' to 20' as it travels down the street!

Our S-19 Trail King transporter has 175 tons of capacity with (19) axles. It is versatile as well as maneuverable.

Our (24) lines of Goldhofer transporters are versatile modules that can be put together in a two wide configuration (20' in width), or lengthened to full 24 line configuration with 1000 ton capacity.

Our railcar transporter is designed for cars up to 74' in length and 45 tons in weight. These cars can be winched on with the ramps that the trailer travel with.

Hallamore also owns steerable dolly units up to 6 axles and 50 ton in capacity to receive the longer loads of beams or bridge sections that are being manufactured today.

These units as well as others make our Heavy Specialized group one of the most diverse in the country. Please contact us for more information on these and other units that may fit you needs.


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